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September 25, 2018

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Why I love doing what I do

May 15, 2018


I absolutely adore riding my off-road vehicles all around the rural landscape of southern Greece, discovering historical ruins, exploring abandoned medieval dwellings, and taking in spectacular natural scenery, all the while hunting for that perfect olive tree specimen. Like the the thrill of spotting of a great white shark, minus the danger, I seek out remote locations in quest for natural beauty.


Given that the antique trees itemized in this site are located in my place of residence, it is extremely feasible and quite a pleasure for me to conduct such a comprehensive inventory. I combine my passion for motocross, my hobby for photography, and my eagerness to trace stately olive trees all in one as I endeavour to bring to light the exceptional magnanimity of these illustrious trees.  A historian at heart, an archeologist in my childhood dreams, I now devote my spare time to leaving for future generations, and for posterity's sake, this invaluable online almanac comprised of pictures taken of the venerable olive tree where it was first cultivated.  As already stated throughout my website, my mission is to raise awareness about the gradual eradication of the magnificent ancient olive tree.   


Not many people are fortunate enough to live in the birthplace of the olive tree. Southern Greece, as well as the island of Crete, contains the ideal setting for olive trees to flourish. This particular region where the olive trees are photographed has recently achieved the acknowledgement of the European Union (EU) for the premium extra virgin olive oil it produces.  In actuality, this geographical setting is so favourable to olive cultivation, which is why the EU has declared its olives as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).  In this heavenly place, the sun shines practically 365 days a year, and the soil is rich in sulfite because it is surrounded by the mediterranean sea. In plants, sulfur is essential for the formation of chlorophyll. Sulfur also helps the plant's resistance to disease, aids in growth, and in seed formation.  This is the reason how and why these trees have thrived here since antiquity.  The unique soil composition, combined with the semi-mountainous formation of the land, provide the olive trees with a rich exposure to all the essential fertile elements required to not only produce superior quality extra virgin olive oil, but to survive for a very long time as well.




These glorious trees are literally found in my "backyard", I just hop on my trusty vintage 1983 Honda 350XR dirt bike and ride into the backwoods searching for the ideal tree to photograph. I am like a hunter searching for trophy treasure. In fact I often encounter hunters with real hunting rifles in the wilderness where I go shooting lovely olive tree specimens with my camera. One of my fears is getting shot by some trigger happy hunter while I'm out on the trail photographing trees, but that is just one of the perils that come with the job, as is having a riding accident where no one can find me since the terrain is very mountainous and tricky. It's easy to ride off of a cliff if the eyes are not focused on what is in front of you, but are instead scouring the landscape in search of special trees. Such imperial trees are not exactly to be found on the edge of town, I must travel deep into the bush. Finding the perfect tree is quite a challenge, one which gives me immense pleasure, notwithstanding any and all of the above mentioned dangers.


My aim is to visit other parts of Greece in order to continue photographing rare olive trees, but in the meantime I have been lucky enough to receive photos from people in other countries, enabling my website to expand with rich content. Please visit my website and click on the menu tab entitled "Guest Photos" where you will find samples from fellow enthusiasts.





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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